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  • How to Protect Your Ferrari from Theft

    As a Ferrari owner, you know that after you have added this prized vehicle to your investment portfolio, it pays to take care of it properly. Routine Ferrari maintenance, appropriate insurance, careful driving and care all play a part in how well your Ferrari drives into the future. However, one important aspect of Ferrari care […]

  • Benefits of Buying Used Cars

    Having a car is a privilege and a responsibility. It ensures that one will have reliable transportation to a job and virtually wherever else they would like to go. New vehicles are desirable for obvious reasons. The shiny appeal of something never played with by anyone else, the fresh paint, the latest technology, and the […]

  • Buy Repo Cars – How to Buy Cars Cheap

    Are you wondering where and how to buy repo cars cheap? When most people look for a car to buy they either buy at the private car lot, a large dealership or from a private seller. However, there are thousands of repossessed cars that are up for sale that are below wholesale value. It’s not […]

  • New Car Registrations and Car Insurance

    In September 2001 the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) introduced a new number plate registration system that was designed to last for 49 years. The new change was welcomed not only by the car dealers but also by the car insurance industry as the DVLA also decided to issue new car registrations twice a […]

  • Different Styles of Number Plate for Sale

    Cherished, Personalised, DVLA prefix number plates. Call them what you like, but there are 5 types of Personalised number plates for sale which includes Irish registrations. They are, in chronological order, Cherished number plates which were original issued from 1901 until 1963. Suffix number plates which have a year letter at the end of the […]

  • Budget Stretching Ideas: Cutting New-Car Costs

    Looking into the future and thinking about expenses you may meet down the road is one way to avoid sticker shock or buyer’s remorse when purchasing a new car. Experts say most people expect the purchase price, taxes and registration fees associated with a vehicle but many forget the hefty price tag that could come […]

  • Deceptive Car Dealer Ads and Activities – Pervasive As Ever

    You hear them on the radio and TV everyday. Some have outrageous ads and sales gimmicks. “Push, pull or drag your trade in for $4000 minimum trade”, “Best price in the world!” “Best bumper to bumper warranty ever – we cover everything.” “Repo’d car sale today.” Bet you didn’t know that these ads can be […]

  • How Good is the New Top of the Range Digital Scalextric Pro Gt C1242 Set?

    The Scalextric pro GT digital set C1242 is their new 2009 release which supersedes the old World championship set. This time Scalextric have moved away from the fragile formula 1 cars and replaced them with four GT cars. The set contains all you need to start racing for up to 4 people. With four hand […]

  • Comic Books For Sale

    Half the fun of collecting comic books is hunting for rare editions on sale. This can be pretty challenging if want to buy editions that are very rare and harder to locate. On the other hand, you may just want the newest editions of your favorite comics. Here are some tactics to get you started. […]

  • Wireless Backup Camera: Wireless Rear View Camera System Installation Guide

    When it comes to a DIY rear view camera installation, the easiest system to install is a wireless backup camera that makes use of the existing rear license plate mounting holes. It is much easier than a wired rear view camera installation because it is not necessary to run several feet of video cable from […]