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  • Car Insurance Policy Information – Is Another Car Insurance Policy Needed When You Buy a New Car?

    Q: I just bought a second automobile, is car insurance needed for this car separately? I mean do I need an entirely new policy for my second automobile? A: For your second automobile car insurance is needed, but you do not need an entirely new policy. You should be able to add your second automobile […]

  • I Bet My Wife in a Poker Game and Lost!

    I’m sure you’ll have heard poker stories like this before… A gambler is so much into a game but ends up having a bad streak. He loses his cool and is desperate to make a comeback, convinced that the next hand will be THE hand to make him. So there he is, with no more […]

  • Handling Windshield Repairs

    Have you ever driven down a major highway behind a truck and had a rock fly back in your face? Thank goodness for windshields protecting us against the dangers of debris in the roadway! That’s the good news. The bad news is that sometimes, the debris that flies up into your windshield can actually damage […]

  • Jumping On The Brand Wagon – What’s In A Name?

    A brand is a unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which differentiates one product, company or service from any other and it’s probably the most valuable asset that a company can possess. Unlike a cow that can be branded in seconds with a red hot iron, branding in the commercial world takes considerable […]

  • Ad Agency ‘Gangbangs’ – Yep, They’re Happening Every Day

    Ad agency ‘gangbangs’ happen every day at every agency. Everywhere. But before you splash on some cologne and get your car detailed…there’s good news about them, and there’s bad news about them. The good news if that if you become a copywriter, you too will experience this unique advertising rite. I can 100% promise you […]

  • Garmin Nuvi 265W/265WT GPS Navigator

    If you are planning on buying a new GPS navigator for you car or truck you may be considering the Garmin Nuvi 265W/265WT. The only difference between these two models is that the 265WT is a 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Traffic whereas the 265W does not provide any traffic information. Both are […]

  • Why Driving Lessons Are Very Important?

    When driving on the road it is very crucial to focus your attention on where you are going. As what you have heard on the radio, watch on T.V. and read on the news papers that car accidents on the road happens all the time. Have you asked yourself? What do you think the reasons, […]

  • Fleet And Personal Car Reviews – An Unbiased Review Of The Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid

    As a fleet car or a family car, the Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid has a roomy cabin to fit large families and because of its smooth drive train it gives a very comfortable ride. Our fleet car review of this car found that the fuel economy and emissions norms are the best in its […]

  • What Makes a Lamborghini Engine So Special?

    So far, we have seen a lot of awesome cars. However, there is something special about Lamborghinis. Some of the prominent features of the vehicle include vertically opening doors. Besides, the car offers many innovative features that attract the eyes of many buyers. One of the primary features of the vehicle is the engine. Let’s […]

  • Arnold Palmer The Man Beyond The Golf Course

    To most, Arnold Palmer is best known as the legendary golfer who dominated the golf course for many years. To others, he is a successful business executive, sportsman, aviator and spokesman. To his family, he is a dedicated and devoted man with a loving heart. Above all, it is his personality and down-to-earth demeanor that […]