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  • The King of All Electric Vehicles Made Its Debut

    The King of All Electric Vehicles Made Its Debut

    Oxford-based Liberty Electric Cars have proudly announced that their Electric E-Range, world’s first pure electric 4×4 has finally made its debut and that production versions of its electric Range Rover will go on sale at the end of this year. If we look at the technical data we can see that Electric E-Range has a […]

  • Michael Waltrip Racing May Be on the Verge of Extinction

    Times are tough. News reports tell us that every day. On the corporate side of NASCAR, one prominent race team is boosting its fortunes after years of decline, while another is reported to be on the downside, and sliding. Toyota-backed Michael Waltrip Racing is nearly at the end of a short rope, it seems. MWR […]

  • What Are the Advantages of Opting For Audi Business Contract Hire?

    While high end and luxury cars give any business organization a dynamic and sound image, purchasing and maintaining them can be a quite expensive and relatively unprofitable investment due to the steady depreciating value of automobiles. One of the best ways for companies to maintain a dynamic image without incurring huge expenses is to opt […]

  • Restyling and Upgrading Your Car Made Easy at Auto Parts Corner

    Because of their affordability, passenger cars are so popular and this means you see so many of them on the road or in a parking lot. For those who are passionate about cars and want to drive a unique vehicle, owning a passenger car may sound unfortunate. But try to look at it from a […]

  • Vehicle Customizations Like Car Alarms and Window Tinting Help Keep You Safe and Looking Sharp!

    Every good car or truck is worth making better, and your local mobile electronics shop can help you do just that. Here are five major reasons to customize your vehicle: Safety – Whether you only use your vehicle to get from point A to point B as efficiently as possible or you love taking your […]

  • Is My PC Vulnerable on the Internet?

    No longer are viruses the only threat on the internet. In recent years other threats have evolved which include spyware, adware, hacking, identity theft, information theft, pop-ups and the loss of information. Let’s begin with the basics. We all need to protect our PC in the same way we protect our home, car and bank […]

  • Car Maintenance – Will it Really Help Gas Mileage?

    As gas prices continue to rise, the auto industry is out in full force touting the benefits of car maintenance. Many repair shops even have custom “fuel saver” services. While maintaining one’s car is indeed important, does it really save gas? Before we answer this, let’s step back and look at auto maintenance for today’s […]

  • Yahoo Boys or Ritualists?

    The current trend of discovering abandoned corpses on our streets and drainages everyday is indeed very worrisome. If it is not a bagged body, it will be dismembered parts, raped corpses with missing underwear or bodies with all the private parts, eyes, tongues, wrists, hearts or bowels carefully removed. Then, I hope you also read […]

  • The Effect of Gas Prices on the Economy

    The USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline every day. This with the burgeoning demand from developing nations such as China for gas, has pushed gas prices to record highs, and having an all-pervasive and on-balance a damaging effect on the US economy. Gas prices in the USA/Canada often vary significantly between gas stations and […]

  • Bentley Celebrates 70 Years of Design With Four Heritage Exterior Colors

    Bentley provides an amazing mixture of modern luxury tech and old-world British beauty. In other words, Bentleys should smell, look and drive like Bentleys whether it’s their wood inlays, leather interiors, or genteel sportiness. Not so long ago, Bentley has expanded into the world of SUVs. Bentayga joined the ranks of the Continental GT and […]