Trusted Car Auctions – Government Vehicles Being Auctioned Off

When you buy a car at an auction you need to know that it is going to work and that it has no dubious history that will come back to haunt you sooner or later. Maybe the car has been used in a crime and now is being auctioned off super cheap to make a little money and get rid of a little evidence at the same time, or maybe it is about to burn its last gallon of gas or need some urgent repairs.

I guess this all depends on which car auctions you go to.

But one I have found seems pretty faultless on all the above.

It is an auction that deals in four major areas and they are:

-Ex-Enforcement vehicles from local police departments/emergency fire services, also including any government agency vehicle that happens to be within the state at the time and is no longer needed due to upgraded vehicles becoming active.

-The spoils of a life of criminal activity that have been impounded and repossessed by the FBI, IRS and other agencies and now put into auction to undo some of the bad that has been created by crime and give something back to society while sales contribute to further such crackdowns and busts.

– Repossessed vehicles from people who have been unfortunate enough to fall behind with loan payments and lost their automobile as a result.

– Car dealerships that cannot make enough sales that are seeking to make any kind of sale rather than no sale.

With all the problems that are present in our society today, be that crime or the economic situation there has never been a better way to turn a misfortune into something positive.

Some of these automobiles have up to 90% off the book price value! and not one of these vehicles is over three years old!

They all come in fully working order.






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