Where Can You Find Impounded Cars For Sale?

If you are interested in finding a real bargain on cars you may want to visit an auction where the police offer impounded cars for sale. These cars come from criminals and have been seized by the police of other government agencies like the FBI or DEA. The law states that the government can sell these cars to the public.

The police want to get rid of these impounded vehicles as fast as possible. They have lots of new ones coming in all the time and storing them is very costly. That´s why these cars are being old at amazingly low prices.

To find out where one of these auctions is being held you could call the police department or just look online (recommended). There are many online government auction directories that will tell you exactly where they are being held.

When visiting an auction where impounded cars are sold it is important to prepare well. Thoroughly inspect the car you want to buy. Have a mechanic check the engine, check the seats, the exhaust. Also make sure you get a good price guide for used cars. This way you will not bid too much and pay the true value of the vehicle.

It may also be good idea to take things slow at first. Do not start bidding immediately if you are new to this. Sit back and look at what the experienced bidders do. However don’t over analyze. Being successful at a police auction isn’t rocket science, just use common sense and prepare yourself and you should be ok.






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