Water As Fuel For Cars – How To Use Water As Fuel In Your Car?

The concept of running water as fuel for cars has been something scientists and researchers have been attempting for quite some time. With the high fuel prices as well as the pollution being an ever-increasing concern, the idea of water grows in the minds of these scientists and researchers. As the process continues for them to successfully create fuel from water the exhausting fact that it just isn’t working has them somewhat baffled.

Although many experts claim that water can in fact be used there are those skeptics who believe it is impossible. However, in all fairness water does in fact contain hydrogen and hydrogen of course is a form of gas.

One researcher successfully used water in a Bunsen burner for many days on one glass of water. Although actually using water in an engine has not produced results that will actually turn an engine over to the point that it will run totally on plain water.

Unfortunately the water when heated up evaporates too quickly and therefore the small amount of gas it produces has not been able to be harnessed or contained long enough to allow any type of major testing on engine operation. Although researchers do know that water does contain oxygen and that a certain amount of energy does essentially exist in the water it just isn’t enough to do anything as of yet.

In all fairness though, the researchers have made more progress over the past few years on their endeavors to create some type of fuel system that is one hundred percent water than they have made progress in the past. As the need for the alternative to other fuels continues to be an important issue the researchers and scientists refuse to give up on the concept that the hydrogen in water could make cars run and travel distances.

While many different tests have essentially been done on various methods that pertain to water and the use of water the results that have been documented do not provide a substantial amount of proof that water is useful for fuel. In addition, those researchers who have this theory have been working on this type of testing and will continue to work on this project until they do see some type of results that can ultimately be documented and have a solid foundation for the research efforts so far.

There has been some controversy about the subject of water being a fuel however the controversy is obviously been resolved because research continues with the water. Which means one thing there are those researchers who obviously believe that water and the hydrogen essentially in the water can be formulated into some type of fuel for the cars of the next generation. Or for the cars that will be a part of the future.

For more information you can go to several different web sites via the Internet that offer details about different types of research being done that ultimately includes the testing of water and its attempts to be formulated into fuel for the cars and trucks of tomorrow.






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